Since the 80's, Ridgeland Chemicals, Inc. has provided proprietary products used in manufacturing across the United States. These household name companies have experienced the difference Ridgeland provides as a business partner: hands-on support, high quality reliable products, expedited just-in-time shipments, flexibility and dependability.

Along the way, Ridgeland's reliability, customer service, and timeliness formed a reputation of integrity with those whom they worked with. This, in conjunction with frustration with other suppliers, in turn paved the way for offering additional products. Client's knew they could count on Ridgeland's staff to deliver.

Over the years, the distribution of fastener and mill supplies was a natural expansion given the very nature of their clientele's business and the departments they worked with. Ridgeland's mission remains the of operation of a dependable business that delivers superior products & services with competitive pricing. Ridgeland has already seen how offering these additional products is mutually beneficial by consolidating purchasing for their clients and diversifying them in ways that can foster continued, sustainable success.

Ridgeland Chemicals, Inc. will be operating a newly expanded division known as Ridgeland Supply as of January 2011. They look forward to working with you!